Derek Redmond Visa Olympics Commercial

At the 1992 Barcelona Olympics a British runner named Derek Redmond was forced to stop mid-sprint in the 400 meter event due to a snapped hamstring. Derek tried to finish despite his terrible injury but it did not appear as though he would be able.

The physical pain through which he was going is inescapable. He fell to the ground in pain and stretcher-carrying medics made their way to him. Determined to finish, Redmond got back up and began to hobble in an attempt to cross the finish line. Anyone watching realized that would likely not reach complete the race.

Then out of nowhere an older man, clearly not a runner, appears jogging down the track behind Redmond and hoists his arm over his shoulder and begins helping the ailing athlete. The man was Derek Redmond's father, Jim Redmond. Jim burst through security and on to the track to help his son and the two completed the lap together.

Derek was officially disqualified and lists as not finishing that race, however his determination and the actions of his father likely make it one of the most memorable laps in Olympic running history. This event was recently chronicled in a Visa ad for the 2008 summer Olympics and is a stellar portrait of fatherhood.

Update 7/28/08:
Here is the full video of Redmond's race and a brief interview with the father after the race.


  1. The tears are STILL streaming. I love this one. Great blog by the way.

  2. Definitely a Top-Five Olympic moment in my book, which in recent history reminds me of the end (and crystallized moral) of 'Cars' and 'The Giving Tree.'

  3. This was played at my church today. This is truly an inspiring and uplifting video.