Why You Should Always Register Your Car Seats

This past week we stepped up to the next size car seat for the little one. Attached to the installation instructions was a product registration card, which I started to slide into the fold of the 'how to' booklet. I was about a half second away from forgetting I ever saw the card in the first place when I noticed big, bold print telling me why I should register my car seat.

When you register your car seat you give the manufacturer a method to contact you in case of a product recall. While you should be reading The Week in Recalls here on Inside Fatherhood, registering your car seats and other child-related products makes sure you are aware of any notices or warnings that materially effect your child's products.

They only take a minute to fill out and are often postage paid, so when dealing with children's products registration cards are a quick and easy way to ensure your child's safety.

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