Crocodile Creek Bibs Are Awesome!

Shortly after this picture was taken, most of the broccoli in my son's mouth left his lips and traveled down the front of him. To rinse out the taste of the newly introduced broccoli for which he clearly does not care, he reached for his little mug of water.

As you may or may not know, kids often don't really drink, they just temporarily store liquids in their mouth so that they may more easily transfer them to their own clothes, your clothes, the floor and the dog. That was the case in this instance and the water quickly came out of his mouth and chased the broccoli down the front of him.

I'm accustomed to pulling out a baby with soaked, food-encrusted clothing from his high chair at the end of meals, which is often the case. However, the new Crocodile Creek bibs our friend Tara recently gifted us prevented that from happening. The bibs have a cool little pocket at the bottom that catches errant broccoli and rivulets of drooled water. It keeps everything much cleaner than a standard bid and clean off easily after the mess making is through for the night. They're inexpensive, cute and well designed and I'm glad we got them. Check out the product carousel below or visit Amazon to pick some up.

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